Dishes enjoyed for generations in villages throughout Italy inspire our menu, giving Touch of Italy its authentic Italian fare. We continue to innovate and create recipes by adding new menu items inspired by Northern and Southern Italian cuisine.

Beverages Menu

May we start your off with something to drink?

Freshly Brewed Hot Coffee, Soothing Hot Tea Or Heartwarming Hot Chocolate   Cup: $1.99
Soft Drinks (One refill free)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, Loganberry, Dr. Pepper Or Sierra Mist
Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) (1 Free Refill)   $2.49
Milk   $1.99
(A Fine Selection Is Available By The Glass, As Well As By The Bottle) (Eat-In Only)
(Many Choices Available, Draft As Well As Bottle) (Eat-In Only)